Nā Pali Coast Magazine aims to capture the most breathtaking scenery found on the Nā Pali Coast of Kaua’i.  We pride ourselves on creating a souvenir publication, for readers to take home with them as a keepsake from their visit to Kaua’i.  We also provide the following information for our readers:

  • Photos and descriptions of all the major points of Nā Pali Coast;
  • Volcanic history of Kaua’i and the Hawaiian Islands;
  • Kaua’i driving maps;
  • Top things to do on Kaua’i;
  • Lovely photos to remember forever!
Na Pali Coast Magazine, Issue 5 (2018/2019)

Nā Pali Coast Magazine is available for FREE at the Lihue Airport and at news stands all over the Island of Kaua’i.  Click to read the digital version here.

Explore the Nā Pali Coast

2 weeks ago
Photos from Na Pali Coast Magazine's post

Dreaming of the summer light.

2 weeks ago

Napali Coast Humpbacks

5 months ago
Napoli Coast rafting adventure fun

Na Pali Coast with beaches. This is paradise.

5 months ago
Awesome morning Napali Coast Kauai

Hawaii vacation raft Kauai

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