Na Pali Coast Magazine KauaiAloha and Welcome to our online quarterly publication, Na Pali Coast Magazine!

About Na Pali Coast Magazine

What is Na Pali Coast Magazine about?  It is about sharing Kaua’i with our readers.  It is about being the first magazine to adapt modern technology with the page, linking videos with lively stories and breathtaking photos. It is about encouraging realization of your own real life experiences in spellbinding, ocean adventures, challenging you to live more fully, to get your own special moments, to go beyond the view from above the sea, to explore the world below, and everything that dwells there.  It’s about becoming educated about Kauai’s history, geology, and natural history.  It is about practical wisdom and advice too, on how to get to Kauai, and how, by planning your vacation beforehand, you can save money and possibly have the best vacation of your life.

Why should you visit Kauai and the Na Pali coast?  This will be answered clearly as you read the stories and see the eye-candy photos and videos. Basic questions are answered: When is the best time to go? Winter weather or summer weather?  Traveling solo or with family? For a wedding party or just honeymooning by yourself?  Where should you stay?  Condo, hotel, youth hostel or tent camp?  And with whom, or with what guide or outfitter?  By hiking, or helicopter, or raft or kayak or catamaran to Kauai’s Na Pali coast? Our opinion is that if you have never been to the Na Pali Coast, you have really not been to Hawaii.  We’re here to help you find your way! Our goal is to be a one-stop destination for all things Na Pali Coast. We hope you enjoy the content and find it to be both informational and inspiring.  The island of Kaua’i, is regarded by most visitors and residents as the real Hawai’i for its raw beauty and rural appeal. Aloha!