What makes for the ultimate crewman for a Na Pali Coast cruise boat? Good question.

Survivor of the Sea

Seeing Hawaiian monk seals along the Na Pali Coast is always a rare treat.

I carefully and cautiously write this story. Some questions may be raised, and must be answered by yourself.

Several summers ago I recall seeing a dead goat on the reef at Hanakoa Valley. The poor goat had lost its footing and fallen to its death, landing on the exposed reef ledge, only 2-3 feet above sea level.

I once met a Vietnam veteran who told me a story about his unique experience on Na Pali Coast. This man had heard about Na Pali from an army buddy who proclaimed it to be the most special place on earth.

As the boat captain, I know what question is on the tip of my customers’ tongues: “Will we be able to get into the sea caves?”