Double Door Cave at Waiahuakua Valley

Hands down, the Double Door Cave at Waiahuakua Valley is the best sea cave on the Na Pali coast, maybe one of the best in the world.

The Double Door Cave at Waiahuakua Valley has it all: the big cathedral room and ceiling, the bright pinkish-red death rock that looks like a submerged hippo, the white-lighted tunnel hallway; but that’s not all, just as your eyes fully adjust, the sound and sight of a cascading waterfall coming through the hole in the ceiling appears. Wow! Let me say that again WOW! This is the kind of waterfall you expect to see mermaids combing their hair in. But there’s more, and I am just getting started. At a certain time of the day in summer, something extraordinary happens: Through the hole in the ceiling, where the waterfall comes through, a beam of light shines down lighting up the waterfall like a bolt of lighting. It may remind you of Star Trek’s, “Beam me up, Scotty” scenes, or maybe the the tunnel of light to heaven. Whatever your choice, it lights up an electric green cathedral glass circle that closely resembles a green spinning galaxy in the water.

Further examination of the Double Door Cave reveals calcium deposits coming up from the mixing of ocean and freshwater waterfall that look like ghostly apparitions silently rising up to meet the beam. Call it what you want, to me, this is the most mystic event on the Na Pali Coast. To see it, conditions must be just right – one stubborn cloud and no spotlight no matter what time you get there – meaning that even if you get there at the right time there is no guarantee you will see it. If you do get the chance to appreciate this stunning show, count yourself one of the lucky few.

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