Kalalau: The Naked Truth

I carefully and cautiously write this story. Some questions may be raised, and must be answered by yourself. I know quite well from working in the tourism industry that it is impossible to not offend totally—no matter how hard I try to please.

But, I am trying to find, from some universal human concept of morality—that acceptable line or balance for a story that needs to be told. I am leaning towards true and unique stories to jog your thinking. However, I do not want to offend anyone or promote any profaned feelings. Honestly, we all know real people that are tempted and struggling from natural and common carnality, and there is no way I want to add to that.

So, take a second to ponder this thought: why do people choose to be nude with a backpack, wandering naked while risking life and limb on one of the world’s most treacherous hikes—the cliff hanging trail into Kalalau.

So, we’re talking about nudity. Let’s start with the most renowned naked people to walk the earth: Adam and Eve. They lived for a short time without stress, in a perfect temperature and climate—in a garden that was abundant with food and water. How could anything go wrong? They were living in naked perfection. But, then came temptation, and the acting out on that temptation by biting into the Forbidden Fruit. Immediately they became self-aware, and then began the shopping at the Fig Leaf apparel store. What a bummer! I know a lot of you are thinking Why? Why? But honestly, myself and every other person that lived would have had a bite too.

I understand the modern day impact or consequences of that bite of the fruit that brought consciousness. My Pastor, Von, once told me of encountering a beyond-horrible-smelling homeless man who bordered on the scent of death. Any who would go near him were likely to get a dry-heaving feeling in their stomach. Von wisely confronted and advised the man about bathing and hygiene, and was surprised by the man’s reply. He showered every day, but was so self-conscious about his naked body that he showered with clothes on and all. He would then slowly sun-dry himself in his clothes as he sat on a warm beach bench.


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