Na Pali Coast Sea Cave Review

As the boat captain, I know what question is on the tip of my customers’ tongues: “Will we be able to get into the sea caves?” Honestly, I reply that it is never a guarantee; every day the ocean conditions can change. We will go in as long as we can come out. to keep the wind in their sails, I humor them. “Napali has a mind of her own, like my wife,” I reply. I understand, because I love the caves too.

Their eyes beam with excitement as we enter a cave, drinking in its allure, its mystery—this magical and unique world that leaves most people momentarily spellbound. Most will admit to never having seen anything like it before. Then the excitement triggers the questions that fire at me like a machine gun: “How did this form?” “What makes that heavenly Windex-blue color to glow on the cave’s open ceiling?” “Are those ghosts in the spotlight of the Double Door cave?” “How did that waterfall get in there?” “What is that purple and blood red color along the cave’s tideline?” “What kind of birds are nesting in there?” “What movies were filmed here?” I think I need to have a tranquilizer gun just to slow down the onslaught of questions, but the truth is I am just as excited as they are, and it never gets old.

You can’t get into the sea caves every day, but when you do, it is always a new experience. Like the Open Ceiling Cave, which can be with or without mid morning sunbeams, but like two different caves to be experienced. These caves can give the best day of your vacation as well as of your life. Let us describe in detail the caves and arches you will be visiting here in our Na Pali Coast Sea Cave Review…


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