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We are pleased to announce the launch of is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving and protecting our beautiful, yet fragile Hawaiian coastlines through preservation, conservation and education.

The vision of can be summed up here:

Protecting Hawaii’s whales and other marine species is a worthy, actually necessary, goal. But it requires environmental education. People, and especially children, need to understand that individual acts like recycling and preventing pollution benefits all and everything – the surrounding seas, beaches, whales and fishes, and especially they themselves on our oceanic island. It’s our generation’s responsibility to the next to make this happen. Because we want our children, and their children to come, to at least have the opportunity for ocean experiences as good if not better than what we presently enjoy, but seem to be taking for granted. So as of now, this future is not at all guaranteed. But Kauai could become a leader in marine environmental education focused on children. Picture a virtual field trip studying marine biology, from whales to opihis to sand, available over the internet to every class room, and even around the world.


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