Surfing Kauai

Surfing Kauai is every bit as amazing as you’d imagine it to be. Crystal clear water, pristine coastline, and plenty of waves to go around.

A once in a lifetime Miloli’i tow-in surfing day. When I checked the ocean and weather conditions at 5:00am, the NOAA weather forecast was tracking swells at 22-feet at 28 seconds and building from the west direction. And how big were the waves at 8:00 am? Good question. Erik got this photo shot. In my brain I was just hoping the channel would not close out. The surfer in these photos is 6 feet tall, so you can calculate the height of the swell that day.

Tow-in surfing is done with a team effort of a jet ski or wave riding vehicle and a waterman friend. The waterman is the one friend that holds your last lifeline if you take a bad wipeout – the difference between life and death. Trust is key, as most all of us want to enjoy another day of life. Waiting to see Miloli’i break like this is rare, it is like waiting for Quiksilver’s big wave surfing contest in memory of Eddie Aikau to be held. That contest started back in 1984, and has only run 8 times from its start date—since waves must reach a minimum of 20-feet for the contest to be held.